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The Mystery School at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts

Why “The Mystery School” and what does that mean?

The term “mystery school” is an ancient one that resonates in countless spiritual lineages from across time and space. Rather than remaining remote and esoteric, however, the Mystery School at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts unravels and brings to light the mysteries that have lingered beneath the surface of human consciousness for so long. Forwarding the science of spirituality, studies in the Mystery School help participants create a vessel from which endless possibilities can emerge.

At the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts, students sit in counsel to create a field where authentic growth and transformation are the foundation of the curriculum. In the circles of each class, perception is constantly shifted and expanded, making room for a new reality to be born.


    • Truth becomes irresistible and our shadowed spaces are exposed to
      healing grace and light.
    • Freedom of thought enables us to challenge and shatter the old beliefs
      that hold us captive.
    • A constant sense of opening and unfolding leaves us receptive to the
      golden flow of creation.




Students are introduced to techniques intended the help them access highest destiny, both their own and that of others. This groundbreaking approach to healing is not about repairing what might be perceived as “broken,” but instead it is about restoring the sense of wholeness and relationship with the Greater Reality that is the birthright of every individual.

With Chumpi Illumination or CHILL as the basis of the teachings, the intuitive and spiritual work is also grounded in the invaluable skill of muscle testing. Both an art and a science, a mastery of muscle testing enables students to access the source of Intelligence that exists within every living cell and ever corner of the universe. When working from this solid, reliable foundation, the greater mysteries of transformation become more tangible.

What becomes possible when the brain is able to receive and embrace two dissimilar ideas? The answer has nothing to do with multitasking. 

The courses offered in 2013 at the Sacred Center Academy for the Healing Arts focus on helping students develop a non-dual brain and consciousness. Moments of conflict are actually opportunities to exercise choice and vision, not just stressful situations that are out of our control.

Each three-day long class is an immersion in a different type of creative tension. Exploring differences between concepts like Intuition and Imagination or between Giving and Receiving, students uncover a new way to live in the present moment.

All teachings in the Mystery School are grounded in the geometric foundation of the Chumpis. Using the stones and placing them in forms that align with the architecture of the universe, we access a stable bridge to the “other side” that makes real healing possible. By stepping outside of the human stories into the Greater Reality, we are free enough to transform our very real wounds.


Ultimately, every class invites you to discover how your life is transformed when you understand that healing was not about fixing what’s broken. Instead, healing is about illuminating the essence of who we are.

All participants are required to take the Introductory Course before they enroll in any other Sacred Center classes. Upon the completion of seven three-day classes, a student receives their Sacred Center diploma and is eligible to take part in graduate classes. For those who intend to develop a Chumpi Illumination practice or use it to enhance an existing healing practice, an eighth class is necessary to receive CHILL Practitioner Certification.

An initial phone interview with Eleanora is required before enrollment in the Sacred Center Academ for the Healing Arts. Contact her by phone or email to begin your journey with the Mystery School.

Registration and enrollment information below...


Illuminating Your Greater Reality
A Three-Day Immersion in Chumpi Illumination CHILL

Prerequisite to all Mystery School classes

If you wish to find the divine path that is authentically yours, you must understand the architecture of the universe and locate your true self within it. You can find your place within the Greater Reality when you stand within the sacred geometric forms of Chumpi Illumination.

In the three-day intensive introduction to the work of the Mystery School at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts, you will begin to unlock the secrets of your own shadow so that you can find the light within that will guide your evolution.

• March 8-10, 2013

  10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily

• June 28th - 30th, 2013

  10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily

• October 11th - 13th, 2013

  10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily

     Explore and embrace:

• CHILL: Eleanora Amendolara's pioneering approach to healing and personal evolution called Chumpi Illumination or CHILL

• The Andean Chumpi Stones that represent the twelve essential facets of human consciousness

• Sacred geometry: The forms that enable us to "plug in" to the Universal Wisdom

• Yananti masinti: The Quechua term used by the indigenous people of Peru meaning "complementary opposites." You'll learn how healing conflict is true medicine.

• Muscle testing: Check in with the body and validate your intuition with this indispensable tool than can help determine physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual information

Why would you wish to begin your course of study at the Sacred Center?

• You wish to understand what it means to become sovereign in your reality and live from that truth.

• You seek an experiential, feminine approach to being, learning, and healing that works at the spaces between the dots.

• You are interested in an approach to healing and awakening that synthesizes the wisdom of the ancients, the voices of the guides, and the needs of our contemporary world.

This three day intensive course is a foundational class and prerequisite for all future
classes at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts.

To register email or call: 845.987.7846

Tuition: $450 (PayPal and credit cards accepted. A $200 deposit reserves your place in the class; entire balance is due by the first day of class.





*Space Limited


You know you are on a journey toward expanded consciousness, but how can you find your way without first knowing who and where you are?

Intuition and Imagination

So often, we’re told to check in and trust our intuition, but how can we really tell the difference between a valuable intuitive hit and mental chatter clouded by our wants and fears?

Our own internal struggles and imbalances interfere with our ability to receive messages from divine wisdom.  When we heal and mend our own divisions and dualities, we no longer second-guess ourselves. We surrender the worry that we’re making stuff up and we become able to honor and follow the guidance we are being given.

In this class, we learn to locate and strengthen the aspects of consciousness that support intuition. We’ll tap into what truly is and invite all possibilities to become part of our experience of reality.  Not only will we learn to hear the intuitive messages, we will learn to follow them.

March 22nd - 24th, 2013

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

To register email or call: 845.987.7846

Tuition: $550 (PayPal and credit cards accepted. A $200 deposit reserves your place in the class; entire balance is due by the first day of class.)





     *Space Limited

Honor Thy Mother and Father

We give thanks to the ancestors for passing on their wisdom and for giving us life, but how do we cope with the dysfunctional physical, emotional, and spiritual legacy that we have also inherited?

The beliefs and fears of the family and tribe are often limiting and depleting.  The residue of our cultural lineage can be poisonous. The weight of our own parents’ hopes and disappointments can leave us to stagger through our lives.

In this class, we release and reframe these old ties to our family histories.  We are cleansed and renewed when we become free of stories that were never meant to be ours to manage or control. This kind of a release is an amazing gift to give yourself, but it is also a gift to future generations who will also be freed from having to live out these old patterns. We break the chains to the past so that we can truly embrace the present moment and liberate the future.

Ancestral conflict is very connected to the body. This class gives us a special opportunity to focus on parts of the body where emotions and old wounds still linger and drain us. Embracing the shadows of our being helps to reveal the light.

May 17th - 19th, 2013

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

To register email or call: 845.987.7846

Tuition: $550 (PayPal and credit cards accepted. A $200 deposit reserves your place in the class; entire balance is due by the first day of class.)

*Space Limited

Ayni: The Art of Giving and Receiving

Do you feel like you can’t say “no” or that you’re always giving too much? Is it hard for you to receive or do you feel guilty to taking too much? Ayni is a Quechua word meaning “reciprocity” that describes a profound awareness of giving and receiving in equal measure.

Ayni is the basis of peaceful, sustainable society and it is at the core of our ability to feel at peace with ourselves. In this class, we learn how to maintain internal balance while we stay in balanced relationship with people and the planet. We consciously overcome our belief in scarcity and our addiction to competition.

To embrace and embody ayni is to learn how to be open in the truest sense. When we are connected to the earth’s rhythms, we improve the heart’s ability to adapt to stressful situation. We give our cells permission to release the fear of "not enough" so that the body begins to function at optimal levels.  When we internalize ayni health becomes inevitable!  

September 20th - 22nd, 2013

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

To register email or call: 845.987.7846

Tuition: $550 (PayPal and credit cards accepted. A $200 deposit reserves your place in the class; entire balance is due by the first day of class.)

*Space Limited

Begin Your Journey

Advanced Training

Advanced Training is only open for students who have completed two years of study at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts. This year we will focus on Chakana Immersion and using CHILL for national and global unity.

Tuition: $325 or $900 prepaid for all three classes (PayPal and credit cards accepted)

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