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How will the chumpi stones & the Mystery School change your life?

Your spiritual awakening begins at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts.

Here you stand upon the threshold, the beginning of the new beginning. You are drawn to the Sacred Center because you know that it’s time to shift your relationship with your whole way of being – spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically.  You know it is time to resolve the conflicts that have held you back. You are ready to nourish your desire for growth and deepen your passion for life.

The Mystery School teachings at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences connect you with your truest self and help you understand why you’re right here, right now.

The Sacred Center is a gathering place in Warwick, New York dedicated to healing, teaching, and study. The Sacred Center also refers to the divine energy that emanates from the core of every individual. We invite you to join us on the journey… Explore your own golden heart center and touch the Greater Reality and join the next class offered at the Mystery School.

Chumpi Stones healing, Sacred Center

Chumpi Stones healing, Sacred Center

The CHILL Factor: Healing for the 21st Century



Chumpi Illumination or CHILL is a pioneering healing system developed by Sacred Center founder Eleanora Amendolara. Andean Chumpi stones handcrafted in Peru are the sacred tools that represent the twelve fundamental aspects of consciousness. Guided by the principles of sacred geometry and the wisdom of the earth itself, you learn to use the Chumpi stones to create doorways into states of joy, harmony, and acceptance.

In the Mystery School and in private sessions with Eleanora, you rediscover your own inherent and original sense of wholeness. You can be free of the struggle to change the world that surrounds you, and instead you focus on your own evolution. As you grow and expand and learn to stand sovereign in your own reality, everything in your life is rebirthed – every old belief, every relationship, every fear, every limitation.

This is the new way forward – focusing on uniting with one’s own highest destiny rather than dwelling on everything that is wrong and broken in life.


Eleanora - Energy Medicine Training

Eleanora - Energy Medicine Training

The Ancient Wisdom of the 12



The wisdom of ancient traditions and the constant transmission of new insight inform and advance the work of the Sacred Center. Founder and director Eleanora Amendolara receives and grounds this knowledge. Creating and holding the space, she transmits an understanding about the architecture of the universe and the role that the Council of Twelve plays in planetary evolution.

Learn more about the role of Twelve in Chumpi Illumination – the foundation of the Sacred Center’s groundbreaking approach to healing and awakening.

Energy medicine training and healing

Energy medicine training and healing

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